Siluk set to become zero waste village

SILUK, 27 Feb: In a bid to make Siluk village in East Siang district a ‘zero waste’ village through recycling and composting, residents of Siluk village, led by GBs, gram panchayat members (GPM) and the village secretary collectively signed a ‘zero waste declaration’ and pledged to reduce, recycle and reuse wastes and compost to achieve the goal of making Siluk a zero waste village by March.

DC Dr Kinny Singh was also present at the meeting, along with CHF Dean Dr BN Hazarika, Mebo ADC Ainstein Koyu, Mebo EAC Janes Mary Tayeng, DDSE Jongge Yirang, Swachh Siluk Abhiyan (SSA) chairman Nkong Borang, faculty members of the CHF, the head teacher of the Siluk upper primary school (UPS) N Tayeng, DIET Principal Birendra Dutta, GBs, GPMs, students, and members of women SHGs.

The DC handed over bags for collecting recyclable wastes to GB A Yirang, and urged each household to put all solid wastes like paper, plastic, metals and glass into the bag “and call on the printed phone number when the bag is full.” She said the recycling partner from the Green Squad would come and collect the bag and hand over a new bag to the villagers.

The DC said that kitchen and organic wastes are to be collected in compost pits, to be reused as organic manures. She said that support and cooperation of NGOs and the village community “is a must in any initiative of the district administration.”

Dr Hazarika said that “the College of Horticulture & Forestry, Pasighat, is also a partner in adopting Siluk village and the UPS in collaboration with the East Siang district administration and provide all handholding support in making Siluk a green, zero waste and beautiful village.”

Faculty members of the CHF will provide all support and impart training in vermicomposting, village and school beautification, greenery, etc.

The DDSE narrated the journey of Siluk village and its transformation as the cleanest village of East Siang.

NGO Swachh Siluk Village, headed by K Nong Borang, the Green Squad team led by Niku Shah and the SSA team which recently contributed bamboo dustbins, are key partners.

Comprising 147 households, Siluk village falls under Mebo subdivision of East Siang district. (DIPRO)