Gov extends Aran greetings

ITANAGAR, 6 Mar: Governor BD Mishra has extended greetings to the people of the state on the occasion of Aran festival of the Adi community.

The governor in his message expressed hope that the festivity would go a long way in conservation and protection of the flora and fauna of the state.

“Self-adopted social restrictions by community elders and village leaders against hunting and non-use of wild meat, polluting rivulets and damaging nature are some amongst the many appreciable initiatives of the people of our different tribes,” Mishra said.

He expressed hope that Aran would be celebrated with traditional gaiety and help in making the ecosystem balance stronger.

“The Adi community’s efforts for preservation of the rich wildlife for the happiness of the posterity will be of great substance to our people and the nation,” he said. (CM’s PR Cell and Raj Bhavan)