CM sets another ambitious target

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has announced that Vijaynagar and Tali, the two administrative circles which do not have road connectivity till now, will get road connection by March 2022. He made this announcement while addressing a BJP event in Namsai on Tuesday. This is another ambitious target set by the CM after he achieved the target of completing the blacktopping of Chandranagar to Papu Nallah stretch of the four-lane road project in the capital. He had vowed to resign from the post of CM if blacktopping is not completed before 31 March. This new approach of working with a target and making every effort to achieve the target is appreciable. It is very rare to see Arunachalee politicians work by setting a target.

This has to become the norm and every minister should try to emulate the CM. Most of the infrastructure projects fail due to the inability of the department concerned and the contractor to meet the target. The delay leads to cost escalation and many a time the project itself is abandoned when the department fails to provide additional fund. Also on Monday, Khandu during a meeting on e-pragati through virtual conference called for speedy execution of the Joram-Koloriang road and the Hollongi airport. Last month also, during the same meeting, the CM had expressed unhappiness over the progress of the Joram-Koloriang road project. It is a good initiative by the chief minister to publicly air his concern over the slow progress of these important infrastructure projects. This will put pressure on the contractors and the agencies concerned to speed up the work.