Don’t let sainik school fail

The report of the sainik school located in Pasighat in East Siang district not functioning properly is a matter of deep concern. The school is very important for the state and the nation. There is a need for proper investigation in order to uncover the reason for the failure of the sainik school. It is really unfortunate that many of the prestigious educational institutes of the state have failed to realize their potential due to various issues. The names of the institutes like RGU, NERIST, NIT, etc, come to mind. The functioning of these institutions has been affected in various ways and till date they are yet to fully realize their potential.

Everyone needs to introspect on this particular issue. Why is that major educational institutes of the state are failing to live upto the expectations? In some cases it is seen that local people themselves create obstacles by encroaching on land and by compromising with work quality. The internal office politics among the local employees have also hurt the functioning of these institutes. People of the state have massive expectations from the sainik school which is being run by the defence ministry. Therefore, it is shocking to hear the report of the school being in a complete mess. Urgent corrective measures should be taken, so that the sainik school is revived at the earliest. It should not be allowed to fail at any cost.