Time to act tough on drug problem

Over the last few months, Chief Minister Pema Khandu has repeatedly issued warnings to the police officials involved in consumption and selling of drugs to either give up or face tough action. The CM has even offered a chance to the addicts to go to rehabilitation. Now, going a step ahead on Monday while addressing a conference of superintendents of police and the commandants of the APPBn and the IRBn in Tawang, Khandu said that the state government will be issuing a notification very soon, asking all the state government employees to report about their addiction to drugs, if any, to their senior officers. He made it clear that any government employee who is found indulging in drug addiction and fails to report to their superiors will have to face legal actions.
It is a good decision to include all the government employees in this war against drug addiction. Today, the whole state is battling serious drug problems. A major chunk of the youths is into drug addiction. Often it is seen that drug traffickers work in cohesion with the government employees, especially police personnel. Many of them themselves consume drugs but also sell drugs in the market. It is time the state government started getting tough on these employees. If caught with proper proof, they should be terminated from their job and booked under relevant sections of the law. There is also a need for a large-scale campaign to bring awareness about the drugs problem. The citizens should be educated to come forward and report to the police if they are aware of any person, including government employees, involved in the drug business. Such people should be rewarded by hiding their identity to save them from potential danger.