Impose restrictionsto control Covid

Lower Dibang Valley (LDV) and the Itanagar capital region (ICR) are emerging as major hotspots of Covid-19 as the second wave is starting to hit the state. The infection rates in these places are worrisome, and in all probability the virus is in the community now. What is worrying is that in LDV, Covid-19 has reached even remote Hunli, which is far away from district headquarters Roing. The worst fear is coming true. The spread of Covid-19 in the villages has the potential to cause mayhem. The virus spreads much quickly as social gathering is very common in the villages.

The state government immediately needs to take note of the growing cases of Covid-19 in LDV and the ICR. Some kind of restrictions should be placed in order to stop the further spread of the virus. Lockdown is considered to be harsh and is very unpopular. However, learning from what is happening in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, etc, where Covid-19 is creating absolute mayhem, the government needs to act soon. These states delayed the decision to impose restrictions on time and are paying a heavy price for it. Everyone is aware that a large chunk of the population is still not following the SOPs issued by the health department. Considering this, the government is left with no choice but to impose some kind of restriction. Without it, the authorities will find it difficult to stop the further spread of the virus. Even in Europe, many countries have had to again impose restrictions to stop the spread of the second wave of Covid-19.