Negative marking not as crucial

This is pertaining to a recent article on the need for rectification of JE (RWD) exam conducted by the APPSC. The writer of the article brought up a few important points, though the need for negative marking does not seem as crucial to me.

Firstly, they have selected 815 candidates in the recruitment test to appear for the main exam, which is almost one-third of the total students who appeared for the recruitment test. Anyone diligently preparing will for sure have been selected.

Second, the chances of people getting through being ‘lucky’ has a very small probability. In engineering terms, almost negligible.

Lastly, if there are some people who get lucky and make through to appear for the mains, they will undoubtedly be filtered in the mains and viva.

Negative marking will also increase the workload of the evaluators, taking more time for the announcements of the results. Hence, right now, it is not imperative to enforce negative marking.

A candidate