DC assures to carry out demarcation of GHSS Aalo

AALO, 12 May: West Siang Deputy Commissioner Moki Loyi has assured to carry out the demarcation of the government higher secondary school land here in West Siang district as early as possible.

He assured this to alumni of the 1991-94 batch of the school, who had called on him at his office chamber on 11 May to initiate demarcation of the existing school boundary and other key issues.

Appreciating the concerns of the alumni, the DC also assured to prepare a new sketch map of the school.

Led by its president Gego Doji, secretary Toba Ori, and executive members Jumli Padu and Dr Jommi Loyi, the alumni is looking out for all possible ways to shape the school, which is now in a dilapidated state.

The 1991-94 batch is also set to repair the entry gate of the school.

The former students will also look out for voluntary donations to carry out urgent minor works from time to time and approach the government through administration and leaders of the district for major infrastructure requirements.

“The school that has withstood the test of time as the oldest school of undivided Siang cannot be left to rot and efforts must go on to reshape it to gain its lost glory,” the alumni said. (DIPRO)