Intensified random testing need of the hour

The decision of the capital administration to start random testing for Covid-19 in areas which have reported maximum cases has been long overdue.

In fact, it should have started right after the start of the lockdown in the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR). When the first wave hit the state last year, one of the main reasons for containing the spread of virus was aggressive testing and isolation of the infected persons.

The health department had done a commendable job by conducting random testing on a large scale in the ICR. This helped to identify the infected persons, thereby, preventing the further spread of the virus.

As the state in particular ICR is hit hard by the second wave, there is a need to repeat the same model. For now, the department has announced that it is going to concentrate on areas where the maximum cases are being reported. However, the department should explore possibilities of conducting random tests in all the sectors and colonies, especially in the market areas.

With 12 days of lockdown remaining, this might be the best time to stop further spread of the virus by isolating the infected people. This can be achieved only by conducting more tests.

The health department should make the best use of the lockdown. It might not be practically possible to keep on extending the lockdown.