Excessive trolling of chief minister should be avoided

In Arunachal Pradesh, social media has become a platform or a medium to troll and condemn our Chief Minister Pema Khandu, which is very sad.
I am a simple denizen and, whenever I delve into some social media, I can only see people trolling, condemning and insulting our CM.
No matter what good work he has done, no matter what development he has brought, no matter what new technology he has installed in our state, in response what does he get? Only insults, trolling, etc.
People always tend to see what he has not done for the state but fail to see what he had done for the state. In the recent years, vital schemes brought out by our dynamic CM are many.
Despite being trolled on social media, he is always working for the uplift of the state. And recently, the ICR got a beautiful national highway with streetlights. Let us be grateful to him and be content with his work. Let us always be optimistic and learn to appreciate him instead of judging, trolling and condemning him on social media.
Let us see from the positive perspective and not from the negative perception and keep hope that our CM will one day make Arunachal the most developed state of India.
Many a time he is not or might be late or fail to give heed to the public’s grievances, but let’s keep in mind that trolling and insulting is not the solution; after all, he is our chief minister.
Rinyaa Kamsi,