Disburse scholarships on time

I would like to lay down a few words pertaining to the disbursement of scholarships and stipends. Non-disbursement of scholarships and stipends is a topic of discussion among the student community in our state.
The day when scholarships and stipends will be disbursed on time seems to be a mere dream. It is an undeniable fact that every year, students have to remind the authorities concerned pertaining to the disbursement of scholarships. The authorities are reluctant to pay heed and prefer to turn a deaf ear, unless the issue is publicized.
It is really disheartening to witness the sorry state of affairs that occurs every year in the pretext of scholarships. Why is the student community forced to resort to protests and dharnas and seek help from student organizations for early and timely disbursement every year?
The delay in scholarship disbursement shows the incompetence of the department concerned. The authorities should come up with a concrete and permanent remedial measure to address this issue.
I would like to earnestly request the authorities concerned to ensure early disbursement of scholarships.
Meanwhile, it is an undeniable fact that some students have also forgotten the moral and ethical values of being students. Being students, they must set good examples in the society. It is very disheartening to see that students are devoid of politeness and patience.
Jumge Pale,