Kuthung village declared micro-containment zone

CHANGLANG, 20 May: The Changlang district administration on Thursday declared Kuthung village in Namtok circle as a micro-containment zone from 20 May to 31 May.

The step has been taken in view of the sudden spike in Covid-19 positive cases in the village.

As per the order issued by the Changlang DC, movement of people in and out of the containment zones has been prohibited.

“There will be restrictions on movement of small tea growers to Assam without facilitation pass by the Namtok CO. Manager Namdang Tea Estate to submit the list of tea estate workers working on Assam side to Namtok CO for issuing facilitation pass. All such labourers need to observe home isolation and undergo routine RAT once a week.

“Manager Namdang Tea Estate also needs to shift ration and salary distribution in Arunachal and ensure segregation of local tea labourers and labourers from Assam,’ the order stated.

The Namtok MO has been directed to ensure regular medical assessment of Covid-19 positive cases within the containment zone and monitor high-risk contacts.

Also, the Namtok CO and the Namtok PS OC have been directed to ensure supply of essential items and services in the containment zone.