Flouting of SOPs

The Itanagar capital region (ICR) is in complete lockdown till 31 May. The lockdown has been imposed in order to stop the movement of people, which will help to curb the rise of Covid-19 cases. However, despite the lockdown, people are coming out in large numbers in order to avail LPG cylinders and drinking water. Due to the breakdown of water supply from the Poma source, the entire Itanagar township did not get drinking water for five days.

This forced the people to come out in large numbers to get water from the water tankers.

As per videos seen on social media, the SOPs were fully flouted. No one was wearing a mask and no social distancing was followed. The same was the case when long queues were seen to avail LPG cylinders. The capital administration should have made arrangements to avert such crowding. This defeats the very purpose of the lockdown. In all probability, it will further lead to increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. Still one week of lockdown remains. The DA should ensure that such mistakes are not repeated in the future.