GoAP making every effort to control spread of Covid-19: Felix

KARSINGSA, 31 May: Home Minister Bamang Felix said that the state government is making all-out efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 in the Itanagar capital region (ICR).

Addressing the media here on the sideline of an event, he said people from various parts of the state and the country live in the ICR and therefore the government is committed to save their lives.

“If we can’t control the spread of the virus in the ICR, we will not be able to control it in other parts of the state. It is being reported that in many interior parts of the state, people got infected when the denizens from the ICR visited their hometowns and villages. This is a worrying trend,” said Felix.

He said the government also is not in favour of lockdowns but it has to listen to expert advice and make decisions to save lives.

 The home minister also informed that testing and vaccination drives will be intensified in the coming days.

“We can defeat Covid-19 by conducting more tests and isolating the infected people. There are 14 testing centres in the ICR. Ten mobile teams will start random testing and contact tracing. I appeal to the citizens to come forward and get tested,” said Felix.

He further informed that three more vaccine centres will start functioning from Tuesday, apart from the existing six in the ICR.

“We are exploring the possibility of continuing vaccination late at night till 10 pm. I appeal to those above 45 to come forward and get vaccinated. I also urge the corporators to pass on the information about testing and vaccines to the people of their respective areas,” he said.

The home minister also gave assurance that unlocking will take place in a gradual manner.

Environment & Forests Minister Mama Natung in his address said the government is concerned about the plight of the daily wage earners.

“The government is coordinating with the IMC mayor and corporators to extend some kind of relief to them. We very much understand their problem. Let me make it clear: no one likes lockdown measures, but at this juncture saving lives is more important,” he said.

Itanagar Municipal Corporation Mayor Tame Phassang while speaking to the media informed that the IMC was also against continuing the lockdown.

“The government sought opinion from all, including the IMC, NGOs and religious bodies, about extension of lockdown in the ICR. We presented our views and said that lockdown should not be continued. However, experts citing ICMR and home ministry guidelines suggested continuing the lockdown. Therefore, everyone should support the decision to extend the lockdown and extend cooperation,” said Phassang.

He made it clear that the lockdown is being imposed for the safety of the people of the ICR. “It is a difficult decision, but in the long run it is going to benefit the public as it will save so many lives. This second wave of Covid-19 is very dangerous,” added the mayor.

On the occasion, 23 vehicles loaded with ration items to be distributed in different wards of the ICR were flagged off by Felix, Natung and Phassang.

Around 6,000 daily wage earners in the ICR are expected to benefit from it.