Reconsider imposing lockdown

Ever since the proclamation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the buzzword is ‘lockdown’. If the purpose of imposing a lockdown is to break the chain of virus transmission by minimizing crowds, I would like to suggest those at the helms to consider the following steps:
1. Imposing curfew in place of lockdown for an indefinite period, until the transmission of virus subsides, wherein public movement could be regulated.
2. Implementing odd-even system of vehicular movement.
3. Facilitating free home delivery services for an indefinite period, so as to encourage the public to restrict themselves in their own homes.
4. Alternate day work for employees of government and private institutions.
5. Facilitating online and tele services in every government office for delivering public services by appointing a public liaison officer.
6. Closing down religious institutions.
7. Closing down shopping malls for public, thereby letting their business function through home delivery service.
8. Closing down sports activities, political rallies, etc.
9. Setting up vaccination booths in every colony and sector, thereby intensifying vaccination.
Hence, it is time the government reconsiders imposing lockdown as the only solution to it.