Drug menace and need for stringent action

In a disgrace to the state police, two IRBn personnel were arrested by the Assam Police from Banderdewa on Monday for alleged possession of heroin. They were caught in the uniform.

The video and picture of them being caught with drugs were widely circulated on social media, bringing shame to the state police.

The higher authorities have put them under suspension for now. In recent years, police personnel have been caught for their alleged involvement in the drug business repeatedly. Many of them are themselves addicted to drugs.

It is time the state police started taking strong action against police personnel involved in drug consumption and in supplying drugs.

For a long time, the police have failed to clean the mess within their own ranks. It is said that charity begins at home, and therefore, the police need to start getting tough on these addicts and suppliers.

Reacting to the report of two police personnel getting arrested in Assam, the state government on Tuesday announced new stringent measures against government employees who consume any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance.

The order stated that the government would provide such employees one-time immunity from prosecution and disciplinary proceedings. This order should be implemented in true letter and spirit at the earliest. Drug menace is the biggest threat to the youths of Arunachal Pradesh. Today, a large section of the youth population is into drug consumption. The police being law protectors are duty bound to stop the drug supply. But unfortunately, they are now becoming the suppliers.

The state government should start action against drug suppliers by first initiating stringent action against its own employees involved in consumption as well as supply of drugs.