Rampant spread of online tambola

I would like to highlight the rampant spread of online tambola in our state. It’s gambling!
The occasional housies are at least regulated. But this new online digital tambola is spreading just as fast as the Covid virus and is just as damaging, too. People are facing financial shortages due to the lockdowns and this new trend comes along.
Yes, people have time and are looking for alternative sources to generate some income, leading many into this gamble. The scary part is that this thing is based on coded algorithms. I believe that it’s not impossible for the creator or the operator of the game to know which ticket (which also is generated by them) would win the game, as opposed to the real housies which are purely luck-based.
Are the authorities blind or what? A proper job and a decent salary, but no professionalism. But then, this is an all-India problem.
Many may disagree, but I stand firm on my opinion.