A village without water supply for 20 years

Jully village is located in the heart of the ICR and lies 3 kilometres from the capital city. Its present population is more than 50,000. Two decades back, it was merely 2,000. The increasing population is making summers seem like a nightmare.
Water shortage leads to long queues and street squabbles with people’s patience running out. Once known as the village of streams and rivers, the water bodies have been lost. Scarcity of water has led to the digging of tube wells in every plot of the newly constructed colonies. This has further aggravated the problem with the fall of the water table.
Therefore, I write to you to express my concern and helplessness, thinking you might assist me in waking up the sleeping public health engineering and water supply authorities.
Jollang village has been facing severe scarcity of water for more than 20 years. The problem is quite complex. Our locality has not been receiving normal water supply for more than 20 years. It is owing to the ever-increasing pressure of new colonies mushrooming in the outskirts.
We requested the authority concerned to provide water facility in our locality Jollang, but to no avail. The authorities concerned have shown quite an apathetic attitude towards providing public amenities to the people. People have been facing severe water scarcity for many years. Before the assembly elections, the villagers were promised of regular water supply by the contesting candidates, but after the election, the problems remain the same.
I wish to draw the attention of the ministry concerned and the local authorities towards the severity of our plight. I also appeal to the people to use water sagaciously.
Byabang Noah Dui,
Jully village