Advertise TGT & PGT posts

We would like to draw the attention of the APPSC regarding the recruitment of TGT and PGT in the education department.
It is noteworthy that in an interview dated 27 March, 2021, the education minister specified that 300 plus posts of TGT and PGT have been put into requisition to the APPSC, and in the minister’s own words, the advertisement was to be published in a week or two. But we the aspirants are still waiting for the said advertisement.
It is to be noted that the year 2021 has been declared as the Year of Education by our chief minister, whereas the recruitment process for TGT and PGT are yet to be fulfilled.
The education scenario of only 65.38 literacy rate (second lowest in the country) should be a matter of shame and an honest endeavour to bring literacy to our people in towns, villages and far-flung areas alike under education should be our topmost priority.
The entire process of advertisement, conducting of exam, viva and appointment takes a significant amount of work and time.
I request the APPSC to kindly advertise the posts for TGT and PGT within this month, so that eligible and willing aspirants may get a chance to serve the state and contribute to the overall welfare of our students.