Police collect Rs 9 lakhs as fine from traffic rules violators

ITANAGAR, 12 Jul: Itanagar Capital Region DSP (Traffic) Nobin Jamoh informed that the police have collected a whopping Rs 9 lakhs as fine for violation of traffic rules in the last one month.

Briefing the media here on Monday, he said that the police will continue to impose strict traffic discipline in the ICR in the coming days.

“We hope that in the coming days the amount collected as fines comes down and people start following the traffic rules. Please don’t expect the police to extend lenience after violating traffic rules,” he said.

Jamoh said that the majority of the people in the ICR follow traffic regulations and support the initiative of the police to impose strict traffic rules.

“We are trying our best to educate the public about traffic regulations. Ninety percent of the people support our move, but a few people think that they are above the law and violate the traffic rules. Hopefully, they will also realize their mistake and extend cooperation. Traffic management can be done only if the people of the ICR support our initiatives,” he said.

ICR SP Jimmy Chiram said that reckless parking is a major reason for traffic jams in the ICR.

“The traffic density is heavy in the ICR. Citizens should develop self-discipline and not create trouble for others by parking their vehicles in a reckless manner,” said Chiram.

He also said that the police will continue the drive against traffic violators, and sought support from the residents of the ICR.

Meanwhile, Transport Secretary Dani Salu urged the capital police to continue the drive against traffic violators for at least six months.

“If this strict rule is imposed at least for six months, then a good habit will develop among the citizens, and it will drastically improve traffic behaviour,” said Salu.

He called upon the police to practice zero tolerance against traffic violators.

“The present police team is doing a good job under SP Jimmy Chiram and DSP Nobin Jamoh. They are working hard to bring in traffic discipline and this should be continued,” he added.

The secretary also said that the ICR DC is exploring the possibility of using unused government plots along the highway to be developed as parking lots.