Arunachal BJP says no snooping

ITANAGAR, 21 Jul: The state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has dismissed the allegation that the BJP government at the centre is using Israeli Pegasus spyware to snoop on political leaders, activists, and journalists.

The BJP comments came after a consortium of media organizations around the world and Amnesty International reported that there is evidence that the Government of India snooped on several opposition political figures, journalists and activists, among others.

Addressing the media persons at the press club here on Wednesday, BJP Spokesperson Dr Mohesh Chai said that the allegations are “baseless and false without any iota of truth.”

He said that the opposition party cooked up the Pegasus spyware story in a desperate attempt to disrupt the monsoon session of the Parliament and derail development activities.

Justifying his claims, Chai said that some important bills for the welfare of the backward people of the country are to be passed in the Parliament session and new cabinet ministers were to be introduced during the session by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“PM Narendra Modi had earlier given a clarion call to the opposition parties that the present government at the Center is ready to debate any issue related to development in the upcoming Parliament session citing it has nothing to hide,” Chai said.

Chai regretted that despite the PM’s request, “the Congress party cooked up the Pegasus story, that too, without any evidence to substantiate its claims and is creating unnecessary obstacles during the Parliament session, displaying utter disregard to the sanctity of the Parliament.”

“The opposition party is leveling baseless allegations on the NDA government without concrete evidence and trying to mislead the nation. The million-dollar question is why the opposition party brought this issue just a day before the Parliament session began,” he added.

Chai, quoting Amit Shah, said that “the disruptor and obstructer could not derail India’s development trajectory through their conspiracies.”

He also said that there may be foreign powers backing the Congress party in plotting to discredit the present Modi-led government.