ICAR advises farmers to get their animals vaccinated against FMD

BASAR, 27 Jul: The ICAR’s Research Complex for North East Hills (RC-NEH) region here in Leparada district has advised the famers to get their cows and pigs vaccinated against foot and mouth disease (FMD) mandatorily.

In its agro-meteorological bulletin issued on Tuesday, the ICAR’s RC NEH said that the current weather condition is critical for FMD in pigs and cows. It advised the farmers to contact the nearest KVKs for vaccination of their animals.

It said that the clinical signs of FMD in pigs include lameness vesicles and blisters, salivating pigs.

The farmers have been advised to keep the sheds clean and dry and apply disinfectants, like boric acid (4-6%), sodium hydroxide (1, 2 and 5%) and calcium hydroxide (lime water, slaked lime) for disinfection of animal houses.