There is a window in my room


— Km.KristinaYommin
Cl-IX, VKV ROING, Lower Dibang Valley District, AP.

There is a window in my room
It has white hinges
And a pretty glass shutter
Fogged up by the mist.
As the first rain drop hit the ground
And it is cold now
As the sky weeps with gray
Spread across it like
Silhouette paint
On pieces of fabric
Clustering darker.
I stand near the window
With a gloom so deep but afresh.
The woods smile staring up
As the rain falls
Embracing the earth
As if parted lovers dying
For each other’s touch
And a loving embrace.
The rain so lovely
Spills around with its
Soothing smell of the soil,
And I, near the window
Hear its lovely voice and toil.