Do not cancel exam

I would like to write this letter to the older brothers serving in the ANYA, in response to the memorandum submitted to the APSSB, demanding cancellation of the APSSB UDC exam conducted on 1 August, 2021. In this period, plagued by the deadly coronavirus and multiple exams being conducted by universities (both entrance and semester exams) and various service commissions across different states demanding cancellation of said exam is not justified, considering the time factor and the risk of Covid-19 SOPs breach leading to mass transmission.
Objecting to the conduct of the APSSB for not keeping up with society and nomenclature is justified and is strongly supported too, but demanding cancellation of the exam is not. Many exams are already lagging behind due to Covid-19.
As an aspirant, on an individual level, I have seven papers this month alone. Preparation for multiple exams and time management is a Herculean task, travelling to the venue of the exam is also not easy for someone who does not own any means of transport.
Keeping the above in mind, I would like to request our older brothers serving in the ANYA to kindly withdraw the demand for cancellation of the APSSB UDC written test.