Find an amicable solution

The APSSB since its creation has come under lots of controversies and criticism, the latest one being the usage of a derogatory term as one of the options in the question paper in the recently conducted CGL/UDC examination held on 1/08/2021. Lack of thorough research before setting the question paper is the sole reason for the ongoing episode.

It was a blunder by the APSSB to use a derogatory term. In fact, the board should’ve apologized instantly to the tribe concerned. For this reason, the ANYA has all the right to demand a public apology from the board. But the ANYA, being such a huge and influential association which has stepped forward for so many causes for the greater good of the state, shouldn’t demand re-conducting the examination as it is not an appropriate demand.

As they might be aware, lots of time, money, efforts and other resources are invested to conduct an examination of such magnitude.

Both the parties should know that there are thousands of candidates who will cross the age limit this time, while others have invested humongous amount of time and effort to appear in this examination. In my opinion, the APSSB should research thoroughly before setting question papers for future examinations to avoid such mistakes and to elevate the standard of questions. Also, the demand of the ANYA should be for an apology from the board alone as re-conducting the exam will cost everyone, even the people they are fighting for. And now, with the result withheld and the skill test postponed, it’s a huge headache for all the unemployed youths of Arunachal Pradesh.

For those who keep on complaining about the APSSB, remember, it is the only board/department in our state which is at least trying to follow the schedule and coming up with exams so frequently. The board has even informed that it is coming up with an exam calendar soon, as per CM Pema Khandu.

Also, one should remember that the faster the exams are conducted and the faster the results are announced, the more will be the frequency of examinations.

I would like to conclude by saying that, for the sake of all the unemployed youths of Arunachal Pradesh, they should come to an amicable solution at the earliest.
A candidate