Choose your words carefully


Most of us might be familiar with the line, “Parai likhai karo, bara admi bano, rupiya kamao, phir aish karo” (study well, become a rich, successful person, then enjoy your life), instead of “Parai likhai karo, bara admi bano, aur society ke liye acha se kaam karo” (study well, become a successful person and work for the uplift of the society).

Education is just seen as an escape from poverty or unemployment instead of a tool to uplift oneself and his/her surroundings.

We’ve been encouraging young aspirants to earn money instead of working for society for a long time. It’s a vicious circle which has resulted in a sloth-like slow development rate in our society. Yes, money is important but not for the cost of moral values and development of society as a whole.

So, dear elders, the next time you visit a young aspirant, choose your words wisely. Thank you.

Inam Koyu Bogum,