Reform APPSC


I would like to highlight that the current APPSCCE 2020 (mains) result is being delayed beyond the time limit while it was supposed to be declared within a stipulated timeframe.

The APPSC is taking the age and opportunity of all the present and future aspirants as well. Whereas the UPSC declares its CSE (mains) result within two months from its conduct of exam. So, now the question arises, where is the promptness of the APPSC? If it goes this way, there would be a peak of unemployment and deficiency of administrators as well as low level of development for the newly created districts in the years to come.

However, this mystery and doubt of transparency can be corrected by the APPSC by the following action:

1. Publishing yearly calendar to complete recruitment process in a time bound manner.

2. The APPSC can recommend to the state government for amendment of Group B non-gazetted post recruitment procedure and rules and thereby conduct exams for Group B Group non-gazetted recruitment by the APSSB. Transferring of such posts to the APSSB may lessen the work load of the APPSC and the recruitment process will be completed much faster.

3. Lastly, there is a need of reshuffle of the APPSC staffers from the bottom to the top and bring dynamic and young officers who are much capable of running this constitutional body.

Last but not least, to bring all-round development in the state and to its grassroots level, the state government must look into this matter as a priority.

Kalung Apa,