Until you know

— Nang Kham Weingken,
Theravada Buddhist Society, Itanagar (AP)

Before the same dark night passes by
i hope the fresh commencement approach
into the self made scenario
just like the speed of
the second hand in the clock.

I dream of a place to lay down
and talk with every cloud passes over
until the very last moment of
evening twilight
Far away from all the despondencies,
I want to set my foot in a room which
will lit up the situation like wildfire.

Some “whatifs” were crawling inside my ear
an air of melancholy surrounded me
which was not a new thing.

Toxicity is one of those ugly chameleons
that wants to enslave you.
No one will pull you up
from the deep well but you.

And it could happen,
anything can happen!