Assn seeks action against encroachment 

ITANAGAR, 3 Sep: The Banderdewa Karsingsa Youth Welfare Association (BKYWA) has sought early action by the Itanagar capital region (ICR) administration against rampant encroachment on the land near the government offices in Banderdewa circle.

In a representation to the ICR DC, the association on Friday claimed that the public of the circle are involved in encroachment on government land at the range forest office, the PWD store division and the PWD guest house in Banderdewa for the purpose of establishing businesses.

“Also, lots of government officials have obtained allotment from the land revenue and settlement branch of district administration against the land and quarter allotted to them for accommodation by the department during their tenure of service at Banderdewa. The authorities should verify whether the government official is actually staying in the quarter allotted to him or someone else is occupying the quarter as lots of government quarters are illegally occupied by the general public for their own purposes or are rented by the governmental officials to the public,” the BKYWA stated, adding that “neither the circle administration nor concern department officials are taking any action against the illegal activities.”

It gave a week’s time to the ICR administration to initiate action against the encroachers.