Speck of Truth


— Nang Kham Weingken
BA (Mass.com) 1st Semester
Assam Donbosco University, Ghy (Assam)

I felt as though something had failed
in the existence.
Very often someone’s wave did inspire
me to dream a little more.
Somewhere in the corner one of my
favourite feelings is having a
cheerful time.

I took a deep breath and listened to
the old brag of my heart.
After all it is impossible to undo
the steps I took
if there is something I am
arguing, It is with the silence.

There will be a time when the eraser
itself may erase the line I drew
so that I did not go back and fall
but to compel me to draw
new lines to look forward.

And suddenly it’s time to
embrace a perspective which is
meant to be a turning point
just like the arrival of a jolly sun.