The never ending summer…

MCom. 3rd semester,
RGU, Rono hills, Doimukh.

I wonder how on earth can someone love summer. Urghh…it’s 34°c here in my place. Not a single leaf is moving, it’s extremely hot here despite the fact that summer is over. Soon It’ll be fall here but it still feels like summer. But you know what? I’m not surprised I expected this to happen. The only reason behind all of these is “US”-cruel human beings-god can’t help us with it anymore. We are all suffering because of ourselves. The numbers of trees we have cut down, the amount of polluted gases we are releasing, they are all the reason behind this “never ending summer.” The beauty of nature is to feel not to touch. But we, the so-called human beings couldn’t resist ourselves from touching it and we ruined and destroyed the beauty around us.

Back then when I was a kid I used to hear people saying “Arunachal is pollution free”-the kid me who didn’t even know the meaning of pollution at that time. But as I grew up I have not only known the meaning of “pollution” but have also felt it in my Arunachal. Now I don’t need to travel to other states to know how pollution feels like or to see the pollution because my state has enough amount of pollution. Also, when I was schooling in JNV Mahadevpur, my teachers used to say that people from their states are scared of Arunachal; they usually depict our state as “Arunachal toh jungle hai, aur waha ke log toh junglee hai.” I wonder where those jungles have gone.

The rent house we own is near by the District Forest Office. Whenever I pass by that office I get to see many vehicles – either tractors or trucks parked over there loaded with tree trunks (also known as kunda). By seeing it from far away, anybody could guess that some people were stealing the kunda by cutting down the trees and the forest officers caught them red handed. I’m glad that they were caught. It’s obviously so inhumane to cut down trees unless there’s a valid reason. It takes so many years for a tree to grow high enough to give us shed. On the other hand, we, the people, are busy earning money without realizing about the problems we are going to face tomorrow. Every human needs money and humans also know a lot of different ways to earn money.

If you cut down a tree any day make sure that you plant another 10 trees. If this cycle goes on, our future generations might not have to deal with the temperatures that we are facing today. Saplings are not that costly. 10 saplings would not effect even one percent of your income (i.e. earned by selling the kunda.)

It’s not that the one who’s not involved in this illegal business is not bound to plant a tree. Generally, every Tom, Dick and Harry should at least plant a tree. Let’s save our mother earth and keep our Arunachal evergreen.

I’d like to request all the readers to kindly plant trees. Let’s bring back the concept of “Arunachal toh jungle hai.”