Appreciable move by Assam Police

In a move which will surely help the people of the state who often travel through Assam to reach their respective destinations, the Assam Police have decided to set up a 24/7 helpline for people of the Arunachal Pradesh. This comes after repeated instances and complaints of travellers and vehicles from Arunachal Pradesh being harassed by the Assam Police while crossing the state of Assam. This move by the Assam Police will not only help the people of Arunachal but it also will help to improve the relations between the two states.

Apart from the long-pending boundary disputes, one of the main reasons for bitter relations between Assam and Arunachal is the constant harassment of Arunachalee people by the Assam Police. The police never lose the opportunity to harass Arunachalees. Due to lack of interstate connectivity, a large chunk of population depends on Assam for transportation. Hopefully, the effort of the Assam Police to help Arunachalees will go a long way in improving the relation between the two states. Similar kind of innovative effort is needed to resolve the long-pending boundary disputes between the two neighbouring states. Once the boundary dispute is resolved, there is vast scope for cooperation and development between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.