A Wingless Tiny Dream

— Km.Kristina Yommin
Cl-IX, VKV Roing

I am the same as I was the day before
Wanting to do absolutely nothing
But just lie in bed
Without any movement.
The bed’s ecstatic energy
Slowly engulfing my mind
I am drowning in feathers slowly-
A wingless tiny bird.
I wouldn’t call this procrastinating
I’d call this a tired slumber
And I would like it to last forever
And me, trapped in this blissful state.
With cosmic memories hovering over me
The blessed melodies of nature
With my heart’s drumbeat
Play in a continuous rhythm and loop.
With the shutters closing my windows
To the world my body and soul
Floating midair in a symphony
Soft, tender but into a dark abyss.
I would remove the hate from around
For the day when millions of smiling faces
Bring the world a feather of love
To sooth and sail through the darken life.