Encourage adoption of schools

In a praiseworthy step, the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Arunachal Pradesh has adopted the government secondary school in Jote under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. The NIT recently shifted to its permanent campus located in Jote, in Sangdupota circle of Papum Pare district. As per the MoU, the NIT will take classes for free for ongoing classes for Classes 9 and 10 of the school. This move is expected to immensely benefit the students of the government secondary school, Jote. The students of the government-run schools often face a lot of problems due to shortage of subject teachers, especially for mathematics and science.

The NIT has many experienced teachers, and students will stand to benefit from their teachings. The education department should encourage other recognized institutions, business groups, prominent citizens, NGOs, etc, to adopt schools. A proper mechanism should be put in place to ensure swift adoption of the schools. However, a thorough background check should be conducted before allowing them to adopt schools. Such a step will improve the performance of the government-run schools in the future. At present the performance of the government schools has been so bad that the majority of parents prefer to send their children to private schools.