If I had been Vikram Batra


Kr. Shreesh Shiji Kumar
Cl-X, VKV Nirjuli

If I had been Vikram Batra
I would protect my nation just as he did
Not as in a return of Param Vir Chakra
But as my duty for the country

I do it not for fame or for name
But for my people who shouldn’t sleep in flame
I would be proud to even die if that prevails
Because some goals are so worthy it’s glorious to fail

I would be holding a gun and not a cape
As not all superheroes wear capes
I will have only one regret in my duty
That I have only one life to serve my country

Some men don’t need umbrellas
They don’t even fear the bullets passing their heads
What in comparison is snow and rain
If that man can’t even catch a cold in vain

Some want to enjoy their freedom
But only a mere few bother to defend that freedom
Our flags fly high not because the wind moves it
It flies high with the sacrificing breath of each soldier who died protecting it

They devote their hearts and souls for their country
Leaving their family and loved ones behind for the motive
How much do we know about who are protecting us?
How much do we value their devotion?