Compensation to DA causes uproar; deposit based on GoAP’s calculations, says NHPC

[ Karyir Riba ]

ROING, 14 Nov: A tweet by Roing MLA Mutchu Mithi, stating that Rs 220 crore has been deposited in the account of the Lower Dibang Valley (LDV) district administration by the NHPC as compensation amount has caused uproar among the project-affected families (PAF) and the public alike.

The PAFs said that they are not in a position to say anything on the subject as they haven’t received the information officially but only through social media. “We will have to discuss the matter amongst ourselves and with the district administration before we can say anything about it,” said a PAF representative.

NHPC ED Janesh Sahani confirmed that the amount has indeed been deposited in the LDV DA’s account.

When asked on what basis Rs 220 crore was fixed instead of the earlier stated Rs 329 crore, Sahani said that the NHPC has “amicably settled” the issues of parameters with the PAFs and the state government. “The PAFs have already agreed to that amount set for those parameters. The state government had stated that there were some mistakes in the earlier award. Now the state government has given us a demand note, stating that, according to their calculation of parameters, the compensation money amounts to Rs 220 crore. We acted accordingly and paid up the money. We do not have any role in this. We are not involved as it is a state subject. We only follow and act on the state government’s calculations,” he said.

Sahani further said, “Rs 329 crore is out of question. Rs 220 crore is the final amount of compensation for LDV. The PAFs can take it or leave it; it is up to them as we have already handed over the money to them.”

He added that all the PAFs know about the change in the amount. “There has been no objection from the PAFs of LDV, not even in court. The court has clearly said that, if there is no objection and if nobody has approached the court, the PAFs can take their money.”

Sahani confirmed that, with the payment of Rs 220 crore by the NHPC, the compensation for LDV has been completed by the construction giant.