Training prog on duck farming underway

HAYULIANG, 15 Nov: The Anjaw KVK launched a six-day ‘Skill training for rural youth on duck farming’, sponsored by the National Mission on Agriculture Extension & Technical Management, here on Monday.

Addressing the inaugural function, District AH & Veterinary Officer Dr G Singh said, “Farmers can raise ducks for either meat or eggs. Both have more disease resistance and can thrive well in adverse and moist condition; therefore, duck rearing is more beneficial over chicken in the present condition of Anjaw.”

Khupa-based DIET Principal SK Dey encouraged the participants to “come forward to learn the knowledge about least explored duck farming in Anjaw district,” while the KVK’s animal science specialist Dr Santosh Kumar presented a brief on the training programme.

Veterinary Officer Dr Gedam Ete explained that ducks are often less expensive to rear and are more hardy in both hot and cold weather, besides producing larger and more eggs annually. “They lay eggs extremely close to year-round, and thus can be used as profitable income generation enterprise by rural unemployed youths of the district,” he said.

Seeds of garden pea were distributed at the end of the programme, and agronomy scientist Naveen Khoisam explained how to cultivate pea.