Over 15 kg heroin seized by Mizoram Excise Dept in 2021

Aizawl, Nov 21 (PTI) The Mizoram Excise and Narcotics department has seized over 15 kg of heroin and arrested 493 people in drug related cases this year, an official said on Sunday.

Excise and Narcotics department spokesperson Peter Zohmingthanga said 15.420 kg of heroin was seized from January to October this year.

Quoting the department’s record, he said a total of 39.72 kg of heroin was seized in three years from January 2019 to October 2021.

The official said 12.59 kg of heroin was seized in 2019 and 11.71 kg in 2020.

Besides, 612 kg of ganja (cannabis) was seized during three years (2019 – October 2021), methamphetamine tablets (210.87 kg), opium (2 kg), Pseudoephedrine tablets (9 kg), Alprazolam tablets (12.62 kg) and Dextroproproxyphene tablets (25 kg), he said.

At least 2,120 people were arrested and 1,572 cases registered in connection with drugs during the same period, he said.

According to the official, a total of 16,88 people have died due to drug abuse since 1984 to 15 November 2021.

Of the 16, 88 people, 340 died of heroin, 1,161 died due to Dextroproproxyphene and 187 died due to other drugs, he said.

He said that the number of current users of opioids (opium substances) is extremely high among drug users, which tagged at 25.67 per cent against the national average of 2 per cent.

The number of people using injected drugs in the state now is estimated to be about 28,288 against the national’s data of 8,54,296, he said.

Zohmingthanga added that about 90 per cent of the accused (arrested people) were convicted.