More than 25k people visit Hornbill festival

Kohima, Dec 4 (PTI) More than 25,000 people have visited the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland at the Naga Heritage Village Kisama, 12 km from here, in the first three days of the fair, an official said.

The ongoing 10-day Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, an annual tourism promotional event of the state government is being held after a gap of a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 12,420 people visited on the inaugural day of the festival on Wednesday, while on Thursday the numbers came down to 7,191 and on Friday it was 5,515.

At least 2,090 domestic tourists and 35 foreigners visited the Hornbill festival in the first three days, stated a statistic provided by Assistant Director of Tourism Department Toka E. Tuccumi.

The demonstration of the traditional headhunting days by the Konyak Nagas fascinated the visitors in the afternoon session of cultural presentation on Friday.

Yah Lahpu demonstration of head hunting followed by folk dance by the Longchang Cultural Troupe representing the Konyak tribe depicted the practice of the past.

The sudden loud sounds from the firing of muzzle-loading guns and the smoke emanating from the barrels attracted noisy cheers from tourists and yelling from the local visitors at the main arena in Kisama.

The period of head-hunting display remained silent with visitors comprehending the next action but the traditional dance chanting curses to the enemy had the visitors joining the war cry and applauding the troupe echoing the picturesque Naga heritage village.

Other presentations for the session were: Ao Naga Wadir Yar (Naga Wadir’s Dance), Phom Kyong-Nya-Yong (Graceful dance), Lotha Rice bounding folk song, Khiamniungan Po-Hoi Jihang (Dormitory song), Garo Quarrel dance and Chang Kh ngkh n Wansatyung (traditional way of fire making).

Nagaland Minister for Planning and Coordination, Land Revenue, Neiba Kronu and Advisor Skill Development, Labour and Employment & CAWD Kazheto Kinimi hosted the Friday session.

The Friday morning session was graced by General Commanding officer of 4 Corps, Tezpur, Lt Gen Ravin Khosla as the guest of honour with Nagaland Minister for Public Health Engineering Jacob Zhimomi and Advisor Sericulture Excise and Minority Affairs Zhaleo Rio as the hosts.

Colourful traditional dances and music were performed by Zeliang Charing Lin, Kuki Suhta Cam, Yimkhiung Wochak Khintam, Sumi Apilo Kuwo, Sangtam Throngr Nyichi khi, Rengma Losh Khwe), Kachari Chotrolee folk dance, Pochury Tenon Pasu, Chakesang Tukhuhe.

The Hornbill festival inaugurated by Nagaland Governor Jagdish Mukhi on December 1 will end on December 10.