Act now

Covid-19 cases in Arunachal Pradesh quickly increased in the first week of January. The number rose from 21 on 1 January to 222 active cases by 9 January.
The total deaths stand at 282.
The latest two deaths were registered on 31 December last year and while the state was busy celebrating the new year.
These deaths came as a blow as there had been no casualty for almost three months.
As the country and the state are witnessing an exponential increase in the numbers of positive cases, the authorities in the state must act, so that the numbers can be curbed.
Though there are measures in place, they are not being implemented by the government and are being wilfully ignored by the public.
As the healthcare workers are already fatigued and the health facilities stretched, the government should consider closing schools for a few weeks.
It should also put restrictions on large-scale gatherings, so that we do not reach a point where sudden lockdown has to be announced. It is best to take precautionary measures than to react in panic later.
The government should also increase the number of tests and switch to RT-PCR, which is known to be more reliable than rapid antigen test.