RGURSF welcomes RGU’s decision to let research scholars stay in hostels

RONO HILLS, 11 Jan: The Rajiv Gandhi University Research Scholars’ Forum (RGURSF) has welcomed the university’s decision to let research scholars continue to stay in their hostels amid speculations of a potential lockdown.

The university on Monday notified that “PhD research scholars can continue to stay in their respective hostels as a part of their essential research works with strict compliance of Covid-19 appropriate behaviour.”

RGURSF general secretary Prem Taba said it was very thoughtful on the part of RGU to take suo moto action “without another showdown.”

Stating that the research scholars are fully vaccinated adults, Taba said that they have been adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the government ever since they got back to the campus.

“Some of us have just shifted to the hostel after its reopening and started concentrating on research work, while some are on the verge of completing their theses. In such a case, another hostel closure would have impacted us even more badly than before,” he added.