Training prog on large cardamom held

PHANGLONGLAT, 11 Jan: Thirty-two farmers, farmwomen and youths participated in a training programme on ‘Large cardamom cultivation practices’ conducted at Phanglonglat village by the Anjaw KVK on Tuesday.

During the programme, social sciences coordinator S Peter Singh delivered a lecture on “the status of large cardamom in the district, which is one of the major sources of livelihood of the villagers.”

He said that, out of four blocks in the district, “only Chaglagam block has been the major contributor to the total production of large cardamom, while the remaining blocks have already been steeply declined due to infestation of pest and diseases.”

Singh imparted training to the participants and made them aware of revival strategies, proper packages and practices, management of pest and diseases, and intercultural operation.

It was learnt during the programme that almost 90 percent of the areas where large cardamom was cultivated have been devastated by foorkey viral diseases, blight, root rot, rodents, etc, and for this reason the villagers have had to opt for crops such as seasonal vegetables, oranges and livestock rearing.

Vegetable seeds were later provided to the participants.