Protect workers from UG elements

The abduction of three people engaged in PMGSY road construction work in Changlang district, allegedly by operatives of the NSCN (K-YA), on Monday is very disturbing news. The underground outfit, which often claims to be fighting for the cause of the people, has exposed itself with such kind of nefarious act. Roads are one of the most important aspects for the development of any area of the state. The PMGSY, which especially caters to the need of the people of the rural areas, plays an important role in ensuring road connectivity. By targeting the workers involved in the construction of the PMGSY road, the UG group has exposed its anti-development mentality.

Arunachal Pradesh has acquired a bad reputation for being a difficult place to execute development projects. Many of the development projects, including the Trans-Arunachal Highway project, could not be completed on time. The contractors have often cited hostile atmosphere as one of the reasons for the failure to complete the projects on time. The reported abduction of the three workers involved in the construction of the PMGSY road project will further damage the image of the state. The police should immediately launch a manhunt and get the abducted persons released at the earliest. Also, it is reported that the UG group took two of the abducted persons to Nagaland. This is a worrying report. The state government should beef security along the Arunachal-Nagaland interstate boundary. Criminals should not be allowed to use this route to carry out their activities. The Nagaland government also should be apprised of the matter. It should be taken into confidence to improve security along the interstate boundary.