‘Jumla for India, jobs for China’: Rahul Gandhi slams Centre on ‘Make in India’

NEW DELHI, 4 Feb: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday targeted the Modi government over the issue of jobs, charging that ‘Make in India’ is turning into ‘Buy from China’. He alleged that the imports from China are at an all-time high under the Modi government as it has “destroyed” the medium and small industries and unorganised sector that creates jobs.
“JUMLA for India, JOBS for China! Modi Government has destroyed the Unorganised Sector and MSMEs that create the most jobs. Result: ‘Make In India’ is now ‘Buy from China’,” he said on Twitter.
The former Congress chief also shared a 1:30 minute video where it is alleged that the Modi government promised ‘Make in India’, yet it only “buys from China” and there has been a record 46 percent increase in imports from China in 2021, which is the highest ever. (PTI)
In the short video, he also shared excerpts of his speech in Parliament on the issue, where he attacked the government on China. Gandhi and his Congress party have been critical of the government’s response and handling of the border dispute with China and have been demanding strong action on the matter. (PTI)