Government schemes should benefit people

As per recent media report, Chief Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Naresh Kumar has expressed unhappiness over “the progress status of the Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojana (ANKY) in the agriculture sector and the Atmanirbhar Bagwani Yojana (ANBY) in the horticulture sector.” The ANKY and the ANBY are two credit-linked schemes of the state government, which were launched by Chief Minister Pema Khandu in September last year. It is good to know that the CS, who is the bureaucratic head of the state, has made his displeasure over the poor implementation of government schemes public.

But just expressing unhappiness will not solve the problem. Now it is time for efforts to be made to smoothen the process of implementation of the ANKY and the ANBY. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of government schemes are not properly implemented on the ground. Most of the announcements remain only on paper. Even a scheme like the Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojna (CMAAY), which is a very important flagship health scheme of the state, has many faults, due to which it has not benefited the people in the true sense. Similarly, other schemes, especially those meant for the uplift of the farmers, have not really been properly implemented on the ground. This has resulted in large-scale failure of these schemes. The chief secretary should regularly review the progress of all the major government schemes if he really means business.