Take corrective measures for proper fire service

I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities of the fire service department towards a fire incident that occurred at Daporijo town in Upper Subansiri district at around 8 pm on 10 February.
People rushed to the spot, but failed to control the fire which occurred due to short circuit in a shop.
Now comes to the main story. I personally called fire brigade personnel 20 times, but no one was there to answer my calls. So, I physically went to the office to get them to the spot. What we realized was that nothing is proper! The water thrower (equipment) was defective. All the firemen, except one, were roughly drunk.
Other day, they made excuses for bad road connectivity, but last incident was at the point of national highway. If firemen were well enough in their action, they could handle the situation. At least 4 houses could be saved. All the people, who were  there, witnessed  the incident.
Through this daily, I once again request the higher authorities of fire department to take corrective measures for proper fire service.  Take  steps to check fire tender vehicles regularly and make the system effective,  for emergency situation never comes every day.
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