Gracious Deeds

— Kalyan Kumar Dutta
VKV, PTC-Banderdewa

I am neither prosperous nor wealthy
But goodly keep myself fit and healthy
I have perennial blessing from my father
That leads me light farthest to farther.

I am not good looking handsome
But my deeds are always wholesome
I posses a light and cheerful heart
That is free from filth and dirt.

I am not having muscular power
But for the downtrodden I am a tall tower
I always carry a valorous chest
So I can pull down hellhounds’ crest.

I am though, not modern educated
But I can read the mind of ill-fated
I always try to expand my knowledge
In order to stand above the average

I am not always present in prayer
But still no demon can scare
I believe in honesty and right
That will surely lead me to height.