The last day of our love

— Babuilu Towong
M.com. 4th semester
Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono hills, Doimukh

I wailed, knowing that it was the last day of our love.
Being in love was easy but getting out of the love circle was not.
My heart knew I’d never see you again, it echoed loud inside me.
The heavy heart,
The sad eyes,
Of mine will miss the warmth of our love.
The promises we made together vanished, just like the shooting star vanishes in the summer night sky.
Oh honey! May you find the love of your life soon, to make you feel loved, to keep your feet warm in the winter nights.
I loved you,
So deep, just like the lovers do in Murakami’s novels.
It’s your bad that you didn’t know the vastness of my heart.