CM assures to cancel out-of-turn promotion of engineers

ITANAGAR, 5 May: Admitting that out-of-turn promotions on officiating or ad hoc basis in most of the state government departments have been in practice, Chief Minister Pema Khandu assured that all such promotions would be cancelled.

Speaking at the valedictory function of a two-day ‘refresher training programme’ for the engineers of all works departments of the state at the DK Convention Hall here on Thursday, Khandu said that “promotion should be strictly on basis of seniority and as per norms.”

He informed that the chief secretary has been directed to compile a list of all such promotions in all government departments, including the engineering departments, and place it before the cabinet.

“Till date the lists of 31 departments have been compiled and rest are in progress,” he said.

Terming engineers the “architects of future Arunachal Pradesh,” Khandu said that they are the ones who execute projects worth 60 percent of the state budget.

“As I look at you from this podium, I am not looking at your faces but I am looking at 60 percent of our state budget. You fail, the state collapses,” he commented.

Insisting on “quality and timely completion of projects,” Khandu said that “it is

┬áthe responsibility of each engineer to ensure that no one points a finger at the fraternity, the department, or the government.”

“If you are honest in your dealings, abide by the rulebook and maintain quality and timely execute a project, there will be no protests or any foot march,” he said, without mentioning anyone.

Citing the example of the BRO constructing tunnels in the state, the CM urged departments like the PWD and the RWD, which execute all major road projects in the state, to technically equip themselves to construct tunnels wherever feasible.

“I personally feel that tunnels are best option in a mountainous state like ours,” he said, but cautioned that no matter what, the pristine environment of the state shouldn’t be disturbed.

Referring to a few points raised by the engineering fraternity, Khandu endorsed the suggestion to have separate schedule of rates (SoR) for execution of infrastructural projects in the state, owing to its varied topography.

He suggested that a committee comprising retired engineers and experts be constituted to “carry out study and recommend SoR for the state government, divided onto three categories – the foothills, middle belt, and high altitude zone.”

He acknowledged the need to fast-track the sanctioning process, so that departments can execute the works on ground during the dry season.

Khandu also admitted that he, along with ministers and MLAs, is “guilty of publicly mentioning a certain amount while announcing projects during tours and public functions.”

“Yes, I too have announced that ‘this much’ amount will be sanctioned for this project many times, which is wrong. The estimate cannot be decided before preparation of the actual DPR. It should be as per DPR. Henceforth, we need to stop this practice and I will pursue on this with my legislator colleagues,” he said.

On departmental promotion committee (DPC) meetings, the chief minister reiterated that, as per the government’s direction, it should be conducted every six months.

“If DPCs are not being conducted on a regular basis, please come forward and approach respective ministers, commissioners, or secretaries. It is your duty to remind the concerned people in position,” he advised.

The two-day refresher training was conducted by the state PWD (vigilance & training). It was attended by the executive engineers, superintending engineers and chief engineers of all works departments. (CM’s PR Cell)