Nocte Digest collects 300 historical files under ‘Project Bronson’

ITANAGAR, 11 May: The Nocte Digest under its ‘Project Bronson’ has collected around 300 original historical files from National Archives of India and Nehru Memorial Museum & Library in New Delhi.

The primary objective of ‘Project Bronson’ was to collect the copy of all the original letters and documents written by or written to Rev. Miles Bronson during his stay with the Noctes from January 1839 to October 1840. The project will throw light on the valuable contributions of Bronson towards the Nocte tribe in terms of education and agriculture etc.

In addition to these, the documents also show the nature of the political and administrative relations that existed between the Noctes and the British.

The project undertaken by Nocte Digest’s founder Wangtum H. Lowang has been completed within 14 days on April 24.

While handing over the files to MLA Wanglin Lowangdong, Lowang also submitted a draft of his article titled “The Native Tea”, which highlights the role of the Nocte tribe in setting up one of the first tea gardens in India in 1834.

The photograph of a Nocte woman taken in 1860 by Sir Benjamin Simpson was presented to Lowangdong as a token of appreciation. (DIPR)